Hobby Farm Insurance

Provides coverage for the rural homeowner that has  few acres of land and possibly a couple of livestock and/or farm machinery.


  • Home must be owner occupied
  • Home must be insured to value
  • Record of previous insurance
  • Limited Farming operations
  • No Farm Employees
  • Limited income from farming

Required by law
Not required by law, but may be required to meet conditions of financing agreements or lease agreements.

Things that can be covered

  • Liability – Personal, Farm, Pollution
  • Coverage for Building / Contents
  • Coverage for Livestock / Machinery (must be listed on policy)
  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Outbuilding coverage

Premiums based on

  • Location of Risk from Fire hydrant or Firehall
  • Limits of Coverage
  • Different packages provide more or less coverage
  • Previous insurance record

If you would prefer to speak with a representative, Josslin would be happy to provide you an estimate on your insurance.  Please contact Rob Rotteveel if you have any questions or would like an estimate for your hobby farm insurance.

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