Errors & Omissions Liability

Errors and Omissions, also known as “Professional Liability”, protect s professionals, individuals and companies from defence costs associated with allegations of professional misconduct (an error or omission).

3-years business or related experience preferred, acceptable claims history, and acceptable financial statements may be required.

Required by law
Yes, in some cases. Certain professionals are required by law to carry Errors & Omissions (doctors, lawyers, real estate & mortgage brokers).

Things that may be covered
judgements, settlements and defence costs related to allegations of a professional misconduct.

Premiums based on
Class of business, experience, claims history and annual revenue.

If you would prefer to speak with a representative, Josslin would be happy to provide you an estimate on your insurance.  Please contact Todd Aitchison, Derrick MacDonald, Jack Soeder, or Andrew Kirkwood if you have any questions or would like an estimate for your error & omissions liability insurance.

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