Farm Products

Josslin realizes that each farm has a unique set of insurance needs.  As a result, Josslin offers a specialized farm insurance for each type of farming so that you know that you're properly covered.  No matter if you're a beef or cash crop farm, hobby farm or vineyard, we have an insurance product that fits your needs.  We even offer a specialty and custom insurance product for those in more niche and specialized farming segments.

Beef Farm Insurance
Designed for farmers specializing in beef production... read more

Dairy Farm Insurance
Insurance coverage designed for farmers specializing in dairy production... read more

Poultry Farm Insurance
Designed for farmers specializing in poultry production... read more

Hog Farm Insurance
A specialized insurance coverage for farmers in hog production... read more

Horse / Equestrian Insurance
Designed for rural property owners with horses, boarders,  stables, or equestrian facilities... read more

Custom Farm Insurance
Designed for farmers specializing in Farm services like tillage, planting, spraying, fertilizing, mowing, forage harvesting, combining, solid material application and crop management... read more

Cash Crop Farm Insurance
For farmers/ growers specializing in food production... read more

Specialty Farm Insurance
We can design programs for farmers specializing in unique livestock like fish, goat, sheep, emu, llama, alpaca... read more

Mushroom Farm Insurance
Designed for Mushroom Producers specializing in growing, harvesting, packaging and distribution... read more

Alternative Energy Insurance
Biodiesel producers, Ethanol Producers, Wind Power Facilities, Solar Energy Facilities and other producers of renewable energy... read more

Greenhouse Insurance
Insurance overage for greenhouse growers... read more

Vineyard Insurance
Designed for grape growers and for estate wineries to cover their farm liability exposure in conjunction with their manufacturing process and retail exposures... read more