Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability Insurance is usually part of a group Health and Dental Program established by employers or administrators of organizations for the benefit and wellness of their employees or members. As an employer or administrator, you are able to determine the level of coverage available to your employees or members and can choose the percentage of premium your company or organization will pay, and how much your employees or members will pay.

Disability Insurance is also known as income replacement insurance and insures your employees’ or members’ income in the event that they become disabled and are unable to work. Disability Insurance can also be added as a rider onto their life insurance policy.


  • Your employees or members must fill out an application and answer medical questions. Fluid testing may also be required, along with other underwriting requirements.
  • They must also work a minimum of 25 hours of work per week.

Things that can be covered
Any injury or illness which prevents your employee from performing any and all duties as long as they are under a doctor’s care.

Premiums based on
The average age and number of employees or members in your group.

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