Hospitality Insurance

Designed for owners and operators of Restaurants, Fine Dining Establishments, Night Clubs, Taverns and Sports Bars.  Property and Liability coverage to protect your business

3-years business or related experience preferred, acceptable claims history, physical premises must be well maintained.

Required by law
Not required by law, but may be required to satisfy lender requirements or lease agreements.

Things that can be covered
Buildings, Equipment, Inventory, Crime, Equipment breakdown (including spoilage) business interruption, Liability (including liquor liability), Forcible Ejection.

Premiums based on
Property premiums are rated on the limit of coverage required and the type of building construction. Liability premiums are  based on a combination of annual revenue (split between food sales and liquor sales), and the type of operation.

If you would prefer to speak with a representative, Josslin would be happy to provide you an estimate on your insurance.  Please contact Todd Aitchison, Derrick MacDonald, Jack Soeder, or Andrew Kirkwood if you have any questions or would like an estimate for hospitality insurance.

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