Personal Insurance

Josslin Insurance personal insurance coverage has something for everyone.

Car Insurance
General car insurance is for owners of unmodified vehicles that are driven regularly. Provides coverage in the event of an accident involving injuries, a law... read more

Classic Car Insurance
For owners of Antique, classic or modified cars.  Provides coverage at a reduced cost for hobby or car collectors as vehicles are not used for... read more

Recreational Vehicle Insurance
Ensure your recreational vehicles have proper coverage so that you can enjoy the outdoors with no worries.  Coverage for your specific vehicle including all terrain, snowmobiles, motorhomes.... read more

Motorbike Insurance
Josslin ensures your motobike has the right coverage with insurance for dirt bikes, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, ebikes and minibikes... read more

Home Insurance
For owners of  detatched, semi detatched or town-houses. Provides coverage in the event of loss or damage by an insured peril to your dwelling or contents... read more

Condominium Insurance
For owners of Condominiums. Provides coverage for your contents and parts of the dwelling you are required to insure as per your Condo Corporations bylaws... read more

Tenants Insurance
Provides coverage for your contents in the event of loss or damage caused by an insured peril. Also, provides Liability coverage in the event of a law suit against you... read more

Seasonal Home / Cottage Insurance
Designed for owners of  Seasonal Homes, Cottages, Cabins or other vacation homes. Provides coverage for insured’s cottage for building, contents and liability... read more

Home Business Insurance
Designed specifically for business owners who operate the business from their home... read more

Hobby Farms Insurance
Provides coverage for the rural homeowner that has  few acres of land and possibly a couple of livestock and/or farm machinery... read more

Trailer Insurance
There are two types of coverage for trailers:  Camping Trailers and Utility Trailers.  Please refer to teh appropriate category below for insurance details... read more

Watercraft / Yacht Insurance
Includes insurance coverage for motorized watercraft such as Fish & Ski boats, Bass boats, Pontoons, Yachts and Cruisers as well as sailboats...  read more

Personal Umbrella Insurance
Provides excess liability coverage over the property, autos, recreational vehicles and related watercraft. It also provides coverage for additional... read more

Rental Dwelling Insurance
Designed for owners of buildings who rent them to others. Provides coverage for buildings and/or contents... read more

Party Alcohol Liability
This program provides protection when lawsuits are brought against individuals, organizations or companies who host single/ multi-day functions with... read more

Travel Insurance
Out of province or out of country emergency medical coverage in the event of an injury or health problem.  Annual policies or single trip policies available... read more